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The TKM International Journal for Research in Management provides a platform to professionals from academia and corporate to share information on emerging practices and concepts across the business world. This peer reviewed journal encourages authors to published research articles and views in the areas related to Business Management and Administration. Only original article with scholarly merit will be accepted. The copyright of published papers will vest with the publisher.

Periodicity: Quarterly

Article Types: Articles can taken any of the following formats:

1. Perspectives: It shall be articles, essays, or ideas on an issue or a subject of interest to the management fraternity, researchers and scholars. Such articles by their very nature may cut across different areas and disciplines. The Editors of the journal may periodically seek contributions from well known and recognized scholars and thinkers for perspectives.

2. Research: This may be articles based on empirical evidence that would help define an area of study relevant and related to management, critically evaluate previous theory and research, and advance the current knowledge in the field.

3. Notes and Comments: This could include brief report on research findings, as well as commentaries on previously published work, retrospections, reflections, as well as subjects relevant to the understanding of business management.

4. Book Reviews: Reviews could include reviews of current books on management.