TIM organised 5th National Management Summit on “Smart Education in A Smart City” on 4th July 2018 at Trivandrum

TIM hosted its 5th Annual Management Summit on “Smart Education on A Smart City” on 4th July 2018 at Mascot Hotel, Trivandrum

Hon. Minister for Local Self Governments, Welfare of Minorities, Wakf and Haj Pilgrimage- Kerala State; Shri. K. T. Jaleel inaugurated the summit.

Inaugurating the National Management Summit 2018‐ Smart Education in a Smart City, organised by TKM Institute of Management at Mascot Hotel,
Thiruvananthapuram, the Honorable Minister for Local Self Government, Kerala Shri. T K Jaleel called for enhancing the scope of smart education to villagers as well. He said that most of the village panchayats have become smart and many of the services are already online. Smart classrooms have become a reality in many public schools. He also highlighted the importance of public schools in bringing about an inclusive mindset and imbibing the spirit of diversity. He opined that our society should go back to our old system of giving importance to competence above all narrow considerations of caste, creed and politics to drive societal progress. Students should dream big and strive to realise it than being content with low level engagements. The suggestion emerged from the TIM team was of two dimensions. Firstly one has to reach outside the traditional boundaries and form learning networks between educational institutions, technology firms and the smart city implementers. Secondly the appropriate use of technology
aligning the user‐behavior, for example, as Mobile based learning is possibly a more effective medium as Smart citizens’ usage on the mobile increases, its potentials are yet to be unearthed fully. The following experts,
policy makers from the domain of technology, management, engaged the
 Shri. Ashish Khare, General Manager & Global Head, WIPRO LTD
 Shri. G. Vijayaraghavan, Former Planning Board Member, Kerala State &
Former CEO, Techno Park
 Dr. P. Ravikumar Associate Director Intelligent Transportation &                         Networking Section , CDAC
 Dr. Sabarish. K Head of e‐ Governance Govt. of Kerala
 Shri. Vaibhav Kuamr Srivastava Industry Leader Education