SWACCHTA PAKHWADA,an initiative of Government of India taken up by TIM Nature Club members

Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Government of India has launched a fresh initiative in the important sphere of Swachhta named “Swachhta Hi Seva”, where Higher Educational Institutions have a key role to perform.

The objective is to further the existing measures being undertaken in ensuring hygiene so that mission mode pursuit leads to a mind set of zero tolerance towards anything unhygienic.

The program has been designated as “swachhta pakhwada” to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Swachh Bharat.

Swachhta pakhwada is an occasion to pledge the support of the higher educational institutions for spreading the message of cleanliness not only among the students but also in the surrounding areas. Considering that higher educational institutions have a crucial role in shaping the public view in this matter, this programme was proposed for the month of September 2017. It is expected that all the higher educational institutions actively participate in this programme with all their might.

In keeping with the spirit and objective of the exercise, TKM Institute of Management’s Nature Club has actively framed an activity calendar for the month of September and implemented the following activities in our Institute during the period “Sep 18th to Sep 27th 2017”.

Swachhata Pakhwada

An initiative of Government of India Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Higher Education

Sep 18th to Sep27th 2017

Day Date Activity Details  
1 18th Sep 2017 Care for surroundings- visits nearby LP school to explain the importance of hygiene Student representatives from TIM 22 and 23 visited the school to share their insights on the importance of hygiene and showed cartoons displaying the same message  
2 22nd Sep 2017 Essay contest on Innovative ways for spreading the message of hygiene 30 students participated in this activity  
3 25th Sep 2017 Clean campus day All participants of TIM 22 and 23 participated in this activity  
4 26th Sep 2017 Clean Hostel day All participants of TIM 22 and 23 participated in this activity  
5 27th Sep 2017 Clean  Mess day All participants of TIM 22 and 23 participated in this activity