The programme was organized on 17th July 2017 by “Agora” Marketing Club, TKM Institute of Management under the guidance of  Prof. Siddiq Musaliar.

The programme commenced at 1:15pm with a silent prayer followed by presidential address by Dr. A Viswanathan; Director, TKM Institute of Management.

The gathering was addressed by Mr. Irfan Malik, (Entrepreneur) who throw an insight on InQ Innovation. InQ aims to facilitate AR technology experts to connect with industries, start-ups as well as local development teams, consultants and educational institutions. He also give an introduction about the lead speakers of the day, Mr. Scott O’ Brien and Prof. Dr. Siva  Muthaly.

After having completed 25 years of being in academia in Australia, Prof Dr. Siva Muthaly, Dean, Faculty of Business & Management, Asia Pacific University of technology & Innovation, Malaysia. A graduate in Science with High Honours from University of Tennesse, MBA from Pitsburg State University, Dr.Siva completed his Phd from Monach University, Australia. He has also been granted Honorary professor at Hyderabad Business School, India.

Prof. Dr. Siva Muthaly had given valuable input on strategic fusion of big data and social media, dispense the knowledge gained from his  multifaceted academic & research  experience.

From  a professional sports background to pioneering the commercialization of Augmented Reality and virtual reality since 2009,Scott has seen the realities move from “magic show “ to functional  use cases .Currently he is leading the Alibaba funded Sydney based start –up Humense in building an AR/VR human to human communication platform.

Mr. Scott O’ Brien has taken through his knowledge and expertise on innovation.According to Scott O Brien, Founder, Humense Inc, augmented reality (AR) is the most happening tech niche and opens up innumerable opportunities in communication, entertainment, healthcare, and every conceivable industry.