A session on SPIRITUALITY by Mrs Amala Radhesh on 13th March 2018; Organised by TIM OUTREACH, Community Development Club, TIM

The session on Applied Spirituality, by Ms. Amala Radhesh, Yoga Therapist, was a blend of  theoretical and practical inputs  which   brought about an understanding on the importance of spiritual wellbeing. How spirituality enabled  personality development and helped in leading a satisfying life, applications of spirituality in everyday life and work, basic asanas which soothe the nerves and pranayam to relax and calm the mind, improve memory and concentration, were elaborated during the session.



To bring about an understanding on the importance of spiritual wellbeing. How spirituality aids in personality development and helps in leading a satisfying life.


Spiritual evolution happens when man is fully contented, has everything in life or when he has lost all the things he loves. At such a times he is forced to think about the mystery called life. What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of life? On contemplation man realizes all the living beings want happiness. “sukharthasarvabhuthanam” . Search happiness is the eternal quest in which we all are engaged in. we mistakenly think that happiness is in material things. But happiness actually lies in silencing of the mind. When there are no other thoughts, mind becomes one pointed we experience a deep sense of calm and true happiness.


  1. Adopting an attitude of friendliness to people who are happy (instead of feeling jealous), compassion to those who are unhappy (instead of gloating),joy to those who are doing deeds of merit and being indifferent or non-judgmental to those who are doing sin (instead of anger, hatred or revulsion). Practicing the above four attitudes helps one to be happy or be at peace always.
  2. Purpose of education-

Education should bring about a sense of humility/ humbleness which causes development of character leading to the individual becoming eligible to get a job and earn money. With money he should do his dharma to his family and community, which in turn gives him real happiness.

There are 4 ways to the goal called spiritual enlightenment-

  1. Bhakti yoga- using your emotions and religion as a tool.
  2. Jnana yoga- using intellect as a tool reading good books and contemplation.
  3. Karma yoga- work is worship, doing your with 100% effort and dedication and not worry about the result.
  4. Raja yoga- using your mind as tool, do sadhana like asana, pranayama and meditation.


The students realize the true meaning of happiness, not look for it in temporary materialistic things. They were given practical guidance on ways to achieve the eternal happiness.



To teach basic asanas to help them in their future corporate lifestyle. All practices could be done in an office sitting at the desk.

Practices and outcome

Practice of sukshmavyayam(joint rotations) to increase blood circulation to all parts of body, reduce stiffness and prevent various diseases, asanas giving all kinds of movement to the backbone. Pranayam to relax and calm the mind, improve memory and concentration. Meditation to help relieve stress with a resolution to increase will power and self-esteem.