Language Lab

To ensure effective communication skills among the participants ,the Institute has constituted a fully functioning language lab in the Computer Center. A separate interactive, information communication technology software –OREL DLL is installed in 10 systems made available for the purpose. The software enables to acquire the four basic requirements –LSRW .The language lab provides a supportive non judgmental atmosphere to language learning where each participant learns at his/her own pace.
Participants who need enrichment or practice of English skills will work with the different modules installed in the systems and will have the individual attention of the instructor who follows the improvement of the learners.

The focus of skills includes listening and speaking during the first semester and reading and writing during the second semester. Listening includes: listening to lectures in English, listening to presentations, listening to vocabulary while speaking, pronunciation, correct usages while speaking etc… Participants who are poor in communication are identified by their mentors and they are given training in the lab.

The Language lab intervention is being carried out weekly for three hours ,across two semesters. There is no grading for the participants but there is a provision for self assessment and lesson re-assigning. Weekly attendance is monitored.