Hostel at TIM is an extension of the academic campus itself and provides a home for students by helping them to adjust with the new environment.

TIM provides separate Hostel facility for boys and girls.

Apart from providing a shelter,  TIM hostel makes the inmates more responsible and self dependent. They learn the value of discipline and co-operation.  A hostel is an extended family of students where they develop a sense of fellow being by studying, dining ,playing and sleeping together. Studying away from home opens up a world of exciting learning possibilities like combined studies,thereby encouraging peer learning , mutual discussions, criticism, or debating, etc., that add charm to hostel life. Hostels provide the best atmosphere for study. If students enjoy the hostel life in different ways, they also work very hard when the time comes for it. Weaker students can always get help from their friends. Hostel life not only develops the spirit of healthy competition, but also teaches the lesson of mutual cooperation. Life in the hostel for its inmates  is carefree and flamboyant.

Annual Hostel day is celebrated to give vent and showcase the talents of students through various stage events.It brings in a lot of enthusiasm, preparation, planning, co-operation, motivation, camaraderie among the inmates.


The inter-hostel cultural fest celebrations  at TIM,titled – “DHWANI 2015″, was conducted on Tuesday, 24th  November 2015.


Dhwani 2016 was conducted by Hostel inmates with enthusiastic participation on Wednesday, 26th October 2016.