Campus Recruitment Programs @TIM

Campus Recruitment program entails the following:

Participation Intent

Companies are requested to confirm their participation by sending the participation form, provided as an insert to Corporate Relations Cell.

Job Descriptions

Additionally, companies are requested to send detailed job description for the positions they wish to recruit for. Job Description, which should include position responsibilities, package offered and a recruiting contact, will be instrumental in attracting student interest.

Pre-Placement Talks

This is an opportunity for the companies to increase their visibility on campus. This also provides the corporate with a great opportunity to interact with the batch, and tell them about the offered job profiles and the career growth path in their organizations. The schedule for pre-placement talks can be worked out in co-ordination with CRC. The Firms are provided with state-of-the art audio-visual equipment. In case a company requires a Video conference facility, it is also made available to them.

Offers & Acceptance

All job offers should be channeled through Corporate Relations Cell. A job offer will be considered as valid only if the Placement Office is in receipt electronic/ hard copy of the same.CRC will communicate the company at the earliest, information on candidates who have finally accepted offers. Acceptance signed by the concerned student shall be informed to the companies. Delays in announcing the offers may result in selected candidates being placed in other companies.

Internship Programme

A very effective way of starting a relationship with TKM Institute of Management is through the internship programme. The Internships are conceived as per the requirements of the companies where the intern/participant gets an opportunity to do the task within the organization as generally performed by the entry level management graduates. TIM Internship is different from the traditional summer project and gives enormous flexibility for the companies to use the expertise of our academic team.